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Wooster 4th grade are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Posted Date: 12/11/2020

Wooster 4th grade are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Wooster’s 4th grade students went on a “virtual field trip” today to space. They learned about NASA, the “space race” between the US and the Soviet Union (currently Russia). They learned more about the American, Kate Rubins, who is currently on a mission and at the International Space Station. A school in Jonesboro, Arkansas was able to chat live with Kate Rubbins and ask her questions. Our students were able to watch the live interview. The day continued with measuring distances from the planets in math, researching astronauts in literacy and a STEAM project in science where the students had to land their “astronauts” (aka ping pong balls) safely. We can’t forget that the students were able to taste some moon cheese and dried (moon) ice cream sandwiches. WE had a great day in space

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