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Welcome to the Wooster Counseling Center

email: if you think your child could benefit from counseling services




 The counselors job here at Wooster is to guide and support learners in their life-long journey of developing their best self:  academically, socially, and personally in a safe, caring, and challenging school community. 


You may be wondering...What does a School Counselor do?


This document is intended to help you understand what the role of a Professional School Counselor is, as well as what it is not.  If you're ever wondering what I do and why, please feel free to ask. 



As a school counselor, I work with all students, teachers, staff, and the community in order for every student to achieve academic and social success.  School counseling services are delivered in four specific ways:  classroom lessons, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.


Classroom Lessons are conducted on a rotation basis throughout the school year.  They are designed to help students understand themselves and others.  Through these lessons, students are guided in the development of peer relationships, effective social skills, decision making skills and study skills, effective communications, conflict resolution, coping strategies, and explore safe and healthy choices. 


Individual Student Planning can help students understand themselves and develop skills for thinking and solving problems, improve academic progress, and provides support during a personal crisis. 


Responsive Services assist students with particular needs, such as adjusting to a new school, coping with grief following a crisis or a loss, dealing with substance abuse or other risky behaviors. Responsive services are provided through individual and small group counseling, and consultation and referrals to community professionals trained in mental health and other specialties. 


System Support enhances school climate and relationships among members of the school community. School counselors coordinate parent outreach services, community support services and consultations with other faculty and staff to facilitate collaboration and a greater understanding of students’ developmental needs. 


I feel as though my most important job is to be an advocate for the students in our school. Individual support is available to all students at the request of teachers, parents, or the students themselves. I am a resource to help students succeed in school. Individual support within the school setting is short-term. If your child tells you he/she met with me please don’t be alarmed. Sometimes students self-refer and visit with me once or twice, and are able to solve their own problem. If students come to my office and it is of a serious nature parents are contacted. I feel fortunate to be able to spend time listening to students while providing a safe friend at Wooster who is available to help students academically and emotionally. If a parent prefers that I do not meet with his/her child individually or in a group, please let me know and I will accommodate the request. 


I look forward to working with you this school year. I can be contacted at 501-679-3334 or email Please feel free to contact me with any concerns that you may have involving your child and know that confidentiality is a sincere priority when dealing with each unique situation. 


Go Panthers!